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Abarth Smart Repairs in Sheffield

A SMART repair is an extremely cost-effective solution for repairing damage to bodywork, scuff marks, interior trim and wheels on your vehicle. We use the most highly skilled individuals who use the latest technology available to ensure the repair job is perfect every time.

A SMART repair is a quick and cost effective solution for the below damage:

Dents - Unfortunately dents can occur in many situations, whether it’s opening a car door onto a hard object, a supermarket trolley hitting a car panel or a large stone hitting the bodywork. Our highly skilled SMART repair specialists will be able to remove these kinds of dents no problem thanks to the state-of-the-art technology they use. In most cases we can even remove dents without the need to remove any of the paintwork. Not only is this a much quicker fix than when we have to remove paintwork but it’s also much cheaper. It works by gently massaging the dents out of the damaged area which eventually restores the panel so it looks as good as new.

Paintwork Scratches - Paintwork scratches are a regular occurrence and can happen pretty much anywhere. These scratches and scrapes obviously don’t look great but they can also reduce the value of your vehicle. Not only that, failing to repair a scratch can be far more serious. If left unattended severe rust problems can develop which will be very expensive to repair. Our SMART repair specialists can rectify just one or multiple scratches in a matter of hours and for relatively low cost when compared to replacing whole new panels of bodywork.

Paintwork Chips - Like scratches, chips are a too often occurrence and are detrimental to the overall appearance of your vehicle. It's important to have chips repaired as soon as possible due to the fact water can corrode the metal in the chip at a surprisingly fast rate resulting in small rust patches. This will obviously affect the value of your vehicle so it's vital to get them repaired as soon as they're spotted.​​

Bumper Scuffs - Bumper damage can happen whether that is a scuff, scratch, dent or crack, but in most cases a full bumper replacement isn’t required. That’s thanks to our highly skilled SMART repair specialists who can work their magic and have a bumper looking like new in no time at all. Typically a bumper SMART repair only takes a few hours to complete. This will not only save you money but it won’t devalue the car as any damage to a car affects its value and all repairs are always carried out to an incredibly high standard.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment - Our SMART repairs aren’t just limited to bodywork and bumpers - they can also be utilised for repairing damage to your alloy wheels. Alloy wheels look great but dents, scratches and scrapes are an all too often occurrence, with stone chips and kerb damage being the most common causes of damage. We all want our alloy wheels to look great so a SMART repair could be what you’re looking for. Our specialists use techniques which will make alloys look like new and it’s also a very cost-effective solution to repairing any damage.

Interior Trim Repairs - We don’t just limit SMART repairs to exterior damage - most interior trim can also be repaired by our highly trained SMART repair specialists. Examples include cigarette burns, minor tears in seat fabric or dashboards and phone kit holders. Whatever the damage, simply contact us and we’ll have it repaired and looking like new in no time.​

So what does SMART actually stand for? Well it stands for Small, to Medium Area Repair Technology so it essentially repairs small areas of damage on your vehicle, whether that is exterior or interior. The amazing technology and techniques used during SMART repairs allow our specialists to fix just the damaged area to a new car standard. This means whole panels or bumpers don’t need to be replaced which not only saves you money but also ensures a quick and efficient fix, making it extremely convenient. SMART repairs also use specialist paints, tools and materials so you’re always guaranteed a high level of workmanship.

Now we know what a SMART repair is and the exact areas it can repair, let’s take a look at exactly how a SMART repair works. Our specialists follow a number of steps to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest possible standard every single time. Below are the steps our specialists take when conducting a bodywork SMART repair:​​

  1. Our specialist will firstly start by cleaning and drying the damaged area to remove any traces of dirt and wax. This ensures nothing can interfere with the repair job
  2. Bodywork and panels around the damaged area are masked and taped off to protect them
  3. The damaged area is sanded back to reveal the primer layers
  4. Then the colour is layered and built up gradually until we reach a high quality finish
  5. Now it’s time to prime the area with a grey base and cure it with an infrared lamp
  6. Once this is complete our specialist will apply paint layer by layer with a spray gun and is then cured with an infrared lamp
  7. The area is allowed to cool and is finally polished and buff to an as new condition​

However, it is also worth noting that we are able to restore dents without removing any paint. More details of this can be found further up the page.

SMART repairs are an extremely quick and cost-effective way of repairing minor damage to your vehicle. If you'd like to book a SMART repair at our Abarth centre in Sheffield please get in contact with us via the contact buttons at the top of this page or below:​​