​Introducing The All-New Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR. The crossover that flows through life.

Introducing an expressive, new diamond architecture style theme to the segment. The new concept is pack full of eye-catching details that have been sculpted to represent the faceted surfaces of a precision-cut gemstone. The all new Toyota C-HR (Coupe - High Rider) offers a complete harmony in active lives. With its beautifully sculptured crossover design, responsive and engaging hybrid drive. Forget the continual stop-start, it's time to flow the life at the wheel.

Full Hybrid Drive

The Toyota C-HR is available with Toyota's latest and most advanced hybrid system to ensure the feel-good factor continues to rise. The efficient 1.8 litre petrol engine works in harmony with the lightweight and compact electric engine to offer impressive fuel efficiency and responsive performance. Honed by engineers with racing spirit in their veins, the Toyota C-HR responds to its driver with the agility of a dynamic hatchback cloaked in the comforts of an SUV.

The Toyota C-HR's exterior is a real feast for the eyes thanks to its muscular styling, coupe profile, contoured bonnet, diamond-patterned grille, sculptured doors and back C pillars. The striking LED front headlamps and boomerang-shaped rear lamps also add to the dramatic exterior styling. The fashionable and comfortable cabin offers a high-riding position, commanding all-round visibility of the road and ample room in the boot to cater for holidays or weekend getaways.

The Toyota C-HR is available to pre-order from Autumn 2016 and will be on the streets of South Yorkshire in January 2017. Come and see us in the Oasis of the Meadowhall Shopping Centre (Sheffield) from 4th November – 6th November 2016.

There’s a Hybrid for everyone.