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Don't miss out on this offer. Ends 17th December 2017. Call our Burrows Toyota Sales Team today for more details and to book your test drive.

The AYGO maybe small but it still offers a dynamic, agile and responsive driving experience. Practicality is also a strong point for this super mini, thanks to Toyota’s intelligent engineers. Couple this with a stylish design, comfortable interior and unrivaled build quality, and you have one great little car. The AYGO is available in five grades: x, x-play, x-press, x-style, x-cite and x-clusiv. Here are just a few standard features you'll find in the AYGO:

  • Daytime running lights
  • Hill-Start Assist Control
  • Front electric windows
  • ISOFIX seat fixing
  • Remote central locking

AYGO Motability Price Guide

CIV Advance PaymentCIV Weekly AllowanceWP Advance PaymentWP Weekly Allowance
x1.0 VVT-iPetrol5-Speed Manual​5-Door Hatchback£0£53.75£0£53.70
​x-play​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​5-Speed Manual​​5-Door Hatchback£0​£56.75​£0​​£56.70
​x-play​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​Semi-Automatic​​5-Door Hatchback£0​T/A​£0​£59.41
​​x-play TSS​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​​5-Speed Manual​​3-Door Hatchback£0​​T/A​​£0​​£59.41
​x-play TSS​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​5-Speed Manual​​5-Door Hatchback£0​​​​T/A​​​£0​​​£59.41
​​x-play TSS​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​Semi-Automatic​​5-Door Hatchback​£0​​​​​T/A​£0​​​​£59.41
​x-style TSS​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​Semi-Automatic​5-Door Hatchback​£0​​​​​​T/A​​​£0​​​​£59.41
​x-style TSS​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​​5-Speed Manual​​​5-Door Hatchback​£0​​​​​​T/A​​£0​​​​​£59.41
​x-style​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​​Semi-Automatic​5-Door Hatchback£0​​T/A​​£0£59.41
​​x-style​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​5-Speed Manual​​5-Door Hatchback£0​T/A​​£0​£59.41
​x-press TSS​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​Semi-Automatic​5-Door Hatchback£0​T/A​​​£0£59.41
​x-press TSS​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​5-Speed Manual​​5-Door Hatchback£0​​T/A​£0​£59.41
​x-press​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​​Semi-Automatic​​5-Door Hatchback£0​T/A​​£0​£59.41
​x-press​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​​5-Speed Manual​​5-Door Hatchback​£0T/A​​​£0£59.41
​x-clusiv3 TSS​​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​5-Speed Manual​5-Door Hatchback£0​T/A​£0​£59.41
​x-clusiv3 TSS​​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​Semi-Automatic​5-Door Hatchback£0T/A​£0​£59.41
​x-clusiv3 ​​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​​5-Speed Manual​​5-Door Hatchback£0​​T/A£0​£59.41
​x-clusiv3​​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​Semi-Automatic​5-Door Hatchback​£0T/A​£0​£59.41
​x-cite 4 (Bi-tone Red)​​​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​5-Speed Manual​​5-Door Hatchback​​£0T/A​​​£0​£59.41​
​​x-cite 4 (Bi-tone Red)​​​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​Semi-Automatic​​5-Door Hatchback​£0​​T/A​​£0​​£59.41
​​x-cite 4 (Bi-tone Red) TSS​​​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​5-Speed Manual​​5-Door Hatchback​​£0​T/A​​£0​​£59.41
​​x-cite 4 (Bi-tone Red) TSS​​​1.0 VVT-i​Petrol​Semi-Automatic​​5-Door Hatchback​​£0​T/A​​£0​​£59.41

For more details or to book your test-drive today please contact us via the contact buttons on this page or call us on the numbers below:

Burrows Toyota Barnsley: 01226 308472

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Burrows Toyota Rotherham: 01709 263431

Burrows Toyota Sheffield: 0114 208 6855


3/5d = 3 or 5 door T/A = Total AmountCVT/AT = Automatic Transmission
TSS = Toyota Safety SenseHB = HatchbackMPV = Multi Purpose Vehicle
M-Drive-S = Multi-drive Transmission5st/7st = 5 or 7 seaterEST = Estate
xshift = Multi-drive TransmissionD-4D = Diesel
CIV = Civilian AllowanceWP = War Pensioner Allowance

All prices are valid between the 2nd October until 17th December 2017 and are subject to availability.