In The Spotlight - An Interview with Chloe Howes, Customer Consultant at Kia Barnsley

Chloe joined Burrows Motor Company back in September 2018.During the Employability Skills Training Day, it was evident that Chloe had great communication skills and would suit an apprenticeship where she would be liaising with customers directly. Chloe was offered a position as an Apprentice Customer Consultant at our Kia site in Barnsley.

Chloe has been a shining star from day 1 and following the completion of her apprenticeship was offered a full-time position. A position which she has excelled in! This year Chloe is the company’s top consultant, topping the leader board for most of the year – an amazing achievement!

Here we ask Chloe a few questions about her apprenticeship, life at Burrows Motor Company and her aspirations for the future.

Why were you attracted to an apprenticeship at Burrows Motor Company?

Classrooms and textbooks weren’t a way that I enjoyed learning as I prefer to be more hands on and out there. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to adapt to working life and learn about something that I completely had no idea about. This also fits in with my everyday life, I still get plenty of time at home and still have weekends for festivals and time with my family so this just seemed perfect for what I was looking for.

What did you like best about your apprenticeship?

My sales team here at Kia are some of the most supportive people I’ve ever met. I also had support from the apprenticeship programme where I received additional help to get my qualification- there wasn’t anyone that I couldn’t turn to for help. After a couple of months of selling, Burrows promoted my pay to start receiving commission on top of my basic salary which at 16 years old was astonishing to be earning that sort of money from something that I genuinely loved doing.

What is a typical day in your job like for you?

Every day I walk into work and sit at my own desk in the showroom and log on with a coffee in my hand and this is the most rewarding feeling in the world. I get to drive gorgeous cars every day and learn about all the logistics of selling cars which is something that I would have never known if I hadn’t taken this. I meet new people every day from all different backgrounds who I can sit and chat to all day long which is so refreshing.

What were your first impression of Burrows Motor Company?

Walking through the doors of a car showroom on my first day at 16 years old was probably the most daunting thing I’ve ever done. However, the staff are what make Burrows such a friendly and welcoming place. In despite of the targets and hard work that goes into everyone’s jobs, there is always a positive atmosphere and that is so important.

What are your career aspirations?

My aspirations at the moment are actually to stay where I am. To talk to the customers who I’ve build amazing relationships with and to chat to every new person who walks through the door is exactly why I love this job. I am confident that I always produce my best work and provide the best service therefore there isn’t anything else at the moment that I would want on top of that.

Why would you recommend an apprenticeship at Burrows to other young people?

I would recommend an apprenticeship at Burrows because it is the best way to start a career and to get involved in working life. There are so many different departments too where you can really find that one thing that you enjoy doing which is what was really important for me. You will always have support around you and to earn money whilst you are doing something that you love is so worth it.

Adam Southwell - Sales Manager

“Chloe has grown so much while she has been with us here at Burrows. She had had an amazing year, playing an integral part in the success we have had in 2021 by becoming the number 1 sales consultant in Burrows. I can only commend the effort and time that Chloe puts into becoming an established sales person, and hope that we can repeat the success together this year!”

If you are interested in hearing more about the apprenticeship opportunities at Burrows Motor Company please text APPRENTICE1 to 07919 932356.