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We have offered a warm welcome for over 20 years and developed an enviable and loyal customer base. Since entering the motor trade becoming an authorised dealer, traditional values and friendly customer service have made a major contribution to our success and delivered numerous customer service accolades. We are proud of our employment heritage and despite the challenging times we have all been through over the past year or so, we have retained our people and ensured they were confident in their employment with us no matter what was around the corner!

About the role

Monday to Friday - 8.30am – 5.00pm (with 30 minutes lunch)
Alternate Saturdays - 8.30am - 12.30pm

  • Responsible for taking customer orders and liaising with Workshop and valet departments to progress their car through the preparation process ensuring all work agreed on the order form is completed prior to handover.
  • Arranging for part exchanges to be prepared for retail or trade in a timely manner.
  • Loading trade cars onto Dealer Auction and managing collections once sold
  • Progressing retail part exchanges through cosmetic and mechanical repairs and valeting.
  • Photographing and videoing retail cars as soon as they leave valet then loading them onto Modix.
  • Daily price and advert quality checks on Autotrader updating key information and attention grabbers.
  • Ensuring compliance of Toyota Plus standards at all times

The details:

  • Section 1 – Sold order progress
    • Check customer orders and if a car is in stock confirm the order details with the Sales Exec (accessories/additional prep etc) and handover date – must be a minimum of 3 clear working days.
    • Update the delivery log and liaise with Workshop Controller and Valet Supervisor to ensure car is ready on the agreed date and time.
    • For new cars cross check the specification and colour of the car to ensure it matches the customer order.
    • Take a video of the car in prep and or valet and send it to the customer as a teaser update.
    • Ensure workshop and valet are aware of the part exchanges due in to enable prep/valet time to be allocated prior to car coming in stock
    • Once prepared for handover complete a final check of the car ensuring all work/accessories agreed on the order form is complete/fitted. Also check the chassis number and registration number of the car are correct and match the V5/AFRL document. Fuel the vehicle ready & stamp service book.
  • Section 2 – Part Exchanges
    • All PX’s to be placed on side fence outside workshop doors, sticker accordingly with a R (retail) or T (trade) and the date it came into stock using a chalk pen.
  • Section 3 – Trade Cars
    • For Trade cars inform Valet Supervisor car is on site to allow wash and vac to be completed (deadline 24 hours).
    • Once wash and vac is complete take images of the trade cars (and if time permits a video) and load the car onto Dealer Auction.
    • Ensure detailed and accurate advert wording drawing attention to any qualities, specification or defects not visible in the photos.
    • Place all ads for 48 hours at the SIV & Reserve price provided by your Sales Manager
    • If not sold on this attempt arrange collection by Aston Barclay
    • Once sold contact the buyer to arrange collection – 3 day turnaround max.
    • On collection ensure funds are received before handing the car to the trader
  • Section 4 – Retail Part Exchanges
    • For retail cars inform Workshop Controller the car is on site to allow mechanical prep to be completed.
    • Agree with Sales Manager what cosmetic prep is required and arrange with Bodyshop for this to be completed.
    • Inform Valet Supervisor when the car will be available and agree deadline (3 days without cosmetic, 4 days with cosmetic)
  • Section 5 – Loading onto Modix
    • As soon as a car leaves valet take the video and the images needed for the advert.
    • Load the car and photographs onto Modix ensuring accurate details and specification pulls through.
    • Set a retail price using the market data available (Sales Manager to provide)
    • Open the car to online reservation setting reserve £300 less than retail.
  • Section 6 – Daily Advert Checks
    • As cars fresh cars land on Autotrader upload the video, add the Attention Grabber and Key Information.
    • Check the advert quality to ensure accuracy of specification, add service and MOT history and any additional information not pulled through from Modix.
    • Review pricing (using market % matrix) and advert quality of all stock ads on days in stock multiple of 5.
    • For cars over 35 DIS review the actual car and put back through valet if required, also consider refreshing photo’s if they present the appearance the car has been in stock a long time (E.G. seasonal)
  • Section 7 – Toyota Plus
    • Have a detailed understanding of the Toyota Plus standards and ensure all cars on display comply with the terms
    • Ensure Hybrid cars are displayed in the correct location using the Blue point of sale (Blue)
    • Ensure conventional cars are displayed in the correct location using the red POS.
    • Maintain use of flags and totems in accordance with the display standards set out in Toyota Plus.
    • Ensure non franchised cars are located separately from the Toyota Plus display.


If you have what it takes to be a member of our sales team at Toyota Rotherham then you can apply by attaching your CV to the vacancy application below or email

Ref: SS : Toyota

Working Hours 42.5 hours per week
Location Rotherham
Salary Competitive
Benefits Generous holiday entitlement, enhanced maternity payments, competitive salary, cycle to work scheme, pension.
Closing Date 18/02/2022
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