Kia e-Niro There's nothing like a Niro From £32,895 (After PiCG)

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Kia e-Niro

From £32,895* (After PiCG)

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The Kia e-Niro is an all electric car which offers a substantially greater driving range than all of its rivals. This is a car of the future available today. Designed for both urban and long distance driving, the Kia e-Niro offers a range of up to 282 miles (combined cycle) on a single charge.

Charging made easy

Both e-Niro batteries can be charged from 20% to 80% in just over 40 minutes with a 100 kW fast charger - so your electric Kia can get ready to go quickly, while you’re out and about in the city. The Kia e-Niro ‘4+’ also comes with a 3-pin charger (11kW).

The epitome of comfort

The e-Niro is built for versatility, and the driver and passengers will discover an uncommonly relaxing and refreshing experience, with firm, supportive seats, plenty of space to move about, and helpful amenities to make the journey enjoyable and productive.

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Available at Burrows Kia in Barnsley on Pontefract Road.

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Explore the Kia e-Niro grades

e-Niro 2
from £32,895*
Standard features:

  • 180 Miles Electric Range
  • Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™
  • Reversing Camera System
  • 17" Alloy Wheels

e-Niro 2 64 kwh
from £34,995*
Standard features:

  • 282 Miles Electric Range
  • Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™
  • Reversing Camera System
  • 17" Alloy Wheels

e-Niro 3
from £37,400
Standard features:

  • 282 Miles Electric Range
  • 10.25" Touchscreen Satellite Navigation with European Mapping
  • Wireless Phone Charger
  • Heated Front Seats

e-Niro 4+
from £39,695
Standard features:

  • NEW: 11kW Charger (3-Phase)
  • 282 Miles Electric Range
  • 10.25" Touchscreen Satellite Navigation with European Mapping
  • 8-speaker JBL® Premium Sound System

*PiCG = Plug-in Car Grant (£2,500 deduction from the original OTR price for EV's under £35,000)


Not only does the Kia e-Niro boast outstanding fuel economy and efficiency but it is also loaded with all the latest technologies:

Smart Cruise Control - Smart Cruise Control uses the car's radar to regulate both the speed and the distance to the car in front. So, if the vehicle in front speeds up, your e-Niro will also accelerate to the desired speed. If the car in front slows down, your All-New e-Niro also slows, maintaining a safe distance.

Smart Regenerative Braking - Smart Regenerative Braking helps to conserve energy and recharge the battery. This allows you the driver to enjoy an effortless driving experience. There are four levels of regenerative braking which can be set.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) - Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) provides you with warning signals and automatically brakes should you not react. A radar and a camera detect potential dangers in the path ahead of the car, including cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

Exterior here is nothing quite like a Niro. Take a look at some of the exterior features below.
Visibility Projection Headlights LED Bi-Function Projection Headlights deliver a sportier look and a clear projection of the road ahead of you and any possible obstacles
Comfort Heated Door Mirrors The door mirrors on the Kia e-Niro are electrically heated and will help with your visibility, removing condensation build-up and ice quickly.
Style Alloy Wheels From a styling perspective on the outside, the Kia e-Niro comes with very stylish 17” alloy wheels to deliver its sporty appearance.
Interior The Kia e-Niro is packed with features, smart ways to stay connected and advanced technologies. Take a look at some of the interior features below.
Technology Wireless Phone Charger Enjoy convenient, cable-free charging for compatible smartphones, with the wireless phone charger - the charging pad is at the front of the centre console for easy access.
Convenience Luggage Space Even when all the seats are occupied, the Kia e-Niro can carry an impressive amount of cargo. You will enjoy a 451 litre capacity and 1,405 litres with the seats folded.
Safety Lane Following Assist Lane Following Assist controls acceleration, braking and steering depending on the vehicles in front. This makes driving in traffic jams easier and safer. LFA works between 0 and 80mph.