About our apprenticeship programme

An apprenticeship at Burrows Motor Company will allow you to earn whilst combining classroom and on-the-job training.

All our training programmes are nationally recognised.The Level 3 Vehicle Technician Apprenticeship has been designed by and is run by the Toyota Academy, which has been rated excellent by Ofsted. The Business Administration and Customer Service Apprenticeships are run through the Toyota Academy by an independent provider.

Throughout your apprenticeship at Burrows Motor Company you will be guided by a Burrows mentor, who is there to help and support you. They will ensure that your on-the-job training allows you to develop personally, gain the appropriate skills and help you gain an understanding of how the business operates.

In addition to your individual learning journey, you will also be a part of our apprenticeship cohort group.This means regular get-togethers with fellow apprentices from across the group, to help develop a support and friendship network.

Virtually all Burrows apprentices remain within the Burrows family with a full-time position, with an opportunity to further develop their skills. This can lead to promotion and a higher salary in the future.