Electric Vehicles


When it comes to driving electric, there’s quite a lot to consider. Don’t worry, we’re here to help – please read on to learn more about the benefits of electric.


Plug-in hybrid and all-electric car owners are presented with plenty of charging options. Actually, your main chargepoint is nearer than you might think…

Steady charging access
Steady access to charging. It’s estimated that more than 90% of electric vehicle (EV) drivers charge their car at home. As long as you have easy access to a standard three-pin socket or a dedicated fast-charging wallbox, this will be your most convenient charging location.
Occasional charging access
Occasional access to charging. If you drive to work, and your employer is amenable, you can charge your vehicle there – and if your company provides fast-charging solutions, even better.
Public charging
Reliant on public charging There are more than 29,700 public charging locations in the UK, and this figure is rising all the time. Many public access points offer rapid-charging capacity too. You can find your nearest public chargepoint via the Zapmap app, which is free to download at Google Play and the App Store.


The amount of miles you typically drive might have a bearing on the type of electrified vehicle you wish to buy.

Short Trips. Short trips are easily accommodated by any EV and most plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).
medium trips
Medium Trips. Many medium trips can be achieved on a single charge, and even if you require a top-up along the way, you’ll have access to abundant rapid-charging public access points.
long trips
Long Trips. Long trips will likely require an electric charge en route. However, this shouldn’t prove to be an inconvenience. While you grab a cup of coffee and a much-needed break, approximately 100 miles of range can be added to your EV in up to 35 minutes.


There are many advantages to driving electric. Here are just a few examples…

Cost of maintenance An EV is the most efficient form of motor car, much more affordable to run than a petrol or diesel alternative, for instance. Even if you choose a PHEV, you’ll find that it manages considerably more miles to the gallon than a regular car.
Government's Electric Schemes EVs are more cost-effective to maintain than conventional vehicles. This is because an all-electric powertrain isn’t as complicated as a combustion engine, which means it’s less likely to malfunction.


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