2024 Toyota C-HR reviews: the first media drives

The All-New Toyota C-HR has arrived at our dealerships in Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield and Worksop!

Key members of the national motoring press were granted exclusive access to test drive the eagerly awaited second-generation Toyota C-HR. They shared what they thought of the hybrid version of the 1.8-litre petrol-electric model online.

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2024 Toyota C-HR reviews: the first media drives


"Toyota’s Eurovision for the C-HR has certainly paid off, and the firm has taken a winning formula and improved it in most areas. The model offers an accomplished ride, plus enjoyable handling and economical benefits, which are likely to help sustain its impressive sales position in the brand’s line-up."

Auto Express

"The latest C-HR appeals to a series of values that are increasingly common in new-era Toyotas. It drives well, is very refined, comes full of kit and is extremely efficient… This is a car its maker thinks you’ll want rather than need, so if the eccentric design floats your boat there’s definitely lots to like."


"The Toyota C-HR always stood out from the crowd, and thanks to its range of striking colours, two-tone paint jobs, and angular styling, this is still very much the case… The new [car] is solid, stands out, is capable of over 50mpg in the real world with ease, and is a refined drive that’s easy to live with. It takes all the best bits of the old car, improves on those, and undoes many of its main failings."

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2024 Toyota C-HR interior


"Immediately the C-HR wins points for its stylish design, because while some alternatives are a bit plain, the Toyota is a genuinely cool-looking thing. It’s not quite as fancy inside, but the cabin feels well-made with a smart, functional design. But those who don’t need maximum practicality will be well-served by just how comfortable the C-HR is. It soaks up potholes and speed bumps without sending a thud through the cabin, while still being pretty good fun to pilot down a twisty road."


"With a new platform, fifth-generation self-charging and third-generation plug-in in hybrid powertrains and the promise of a premium interior, Toyota has certainly gone all in. That’s especially true of the styling that’s even more extravagant than its predecessor."

What Car?

"The Toyota C-HR is comfortable, easy to drive, super-frugal and should prove very reliable. If you love the looks and space isn’t a priority, it’s unlikely to disappoint. We reckon the 1.8 Hybrid in Design trim represents the best value for money."

2024 Toyota C-HR front exterior
2024 Toyota C-HR rear exterior