The All-New Kia e-Niro

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We are delighted to announce an all-electric version of the highly popular Kia Niro will be coming to our Barnsley showroom later this year - say hello to the New Kia e-Niro!

The New Kia e-Niro is the world’s first mid-size SUV and offers all-electric driving which means it emits zero emissions. It’s powered by a high-capacity 64 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack which produces 205bhp. This means the Kia e-Niro will accelerate from 0-62mph in just 7.8 seconds. The e-Niro also has a driving range of 301 miles* on a single charge which is one of the best electric driving ranges available on the market today. When plugged into a 100kW fast charger, the e-Niro takes a mere 54 minutes to recharge the battery to 80%.

The e-Niro is also jampacked with all the latest technologies and safety equipment. It features some extremely clever technologies such as Coasting Guide Control which helps drivers know when they should remove their foot off the accelerator and coast the vehicle. This helps reduce the amount of power used. Another intelligent technology which features is Predictive Energy Control. This maximises momentum and regenerative braking which helps get the most charge possible into the battery. Both of these amazing technology features are linked to topographical data in the satellite navigation system.

the all new kia e-niro
benefits of electric vehicles

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Fully electric vehicles offer many benefits over cars with petrol or diesel engines. Have a read below and see how the Kia e-Niro could benefit you:

  • Electric vehicles are much cheaper to run than cars with a conventional engine as the electricity required to charge an EV battery is considerably less than the equivalent petrol or diesel costs. In fact the cost of electricity to charge an EV actually works out a third as much per kilometre over buying petrol for the same vehicle
  • Cars with a conventional engine have far more moving parts and require a lot of maintenance over their lifetime when compared to an EV so an electric vehicle is much cheaper to run and maintain. Very little servicing costs is a big appeal and offers owners a great annual saving over owning a vehicle with a petrol or diesel engine
  • The biggest benefit of electric vehicles is the fact they emit zero emissions due to the fact they don’t use petrol or diesel. So, no more trips to the pumps means a hefty saving for your wallet
  • EV’s offer excellent performance and extremely rapid acceleration as all power is generated from a standing start. In addition to this, electric vehicles are lighter than cars with petrol or diesel engines so handling and acceleration are vastly improved

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kia e-niro ev
kia e-niro interior

If you would like to be one of the first in the UK to test-drive the All-New Kia e-Niro, simply ​​get in touch with us online via the contact buttons found on this page or give our friendly sales team a call on 01226 308476 and register your details with us.

*The driving range standards are calculated using the World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).