Becoming an apprentice at Burrows

I applied by speaking to the Burrows team at my school and asking question, they then gave me details for them to contact me further! I applied because school wasn't for me anymore I wanted my own independence and a getaway into the motor trade industry as it is the industry I ultimately wanted to get into.

When I arrived at the opening evening thankfully it was close to me and local I arrived so nervous but excited to learn about the potential you can have with the company.

Skills training day 

On the skills training day, I was very nervous because the time I was with other school leavers who was interested in getting the apprenticeship, I knew I had to make an impression and try my best. After the skills training was the interview and I wasn't nervous as I thought I would be, as I had all morning to prepare for it - you just have to remember it isn't a test and they want what's best for you.

​When I was offered the job, I was at my Saturday job in the salon checking my emails and it came through, I was scared to open it, so my friend opened it for me and said I was successful in the interview and I've never been more excited for something in my life - I really wanted the apprenticeship and I got it! I felt proud of myself.

My experience as an apprentice so far at Burrows

Now being in the job a year I feel so much better in myself. I have grown as a person and gained an amazing sense of confidence in myself and my knowledge allowing me to improve in my everyday life and in my job role.

I would encourage young people to apply because it is an incredible opportunity to take. It also you to grow into an adult and become a version of yourself you may not have known to be possible. It creates a good path for you to grow your career and become successful in what you do.

Apprentices experience