'Cycling Sheffield' Team Sponsorship

We are delighted to be sponsoring the 'Cycling Sheffield' race team for the upcoming season. We will be supplying the team with a brand new Mazda6 Tourer support car which as you can see from the pictures below it looks great.

Yesterday was the first race of the season for the 'Cycle Sheffield' team - congratulations to Charlie who took third place and to the rest of the team: Joe, Liam and Tim. This was a great start to the season for the guys - despite the freezing and rainy conditions!

Good luck and we hope the weather improves for the next race.

'Cycling Sheffield' Team Sponsorship
'Cycling Sheffield' Team
'Cycling Sheffield'

The vinyls are on and the Mazda6 Tourer is looking the part.

Our Mazda Sales Manager, Peter Curzon, is handing over the keys to the cycling team manager Dave Coulson.

And finally it's race day!

Magnificent 7 Race

The 'Cycle Sheffield' race team were at the Magnificent 7 event on the 19th March.

The 7 tough climbs over a 50km route of Sheffield was taken on by Liam and Joe, who were also offering advice and support to other riders.

Liam rode with a women who was undergoing chemotherapy and as a result was some way behind everyone else – inspiring and very considerate of Liam.

Well done guys!

Magnificent 7 race
magnificent 7 event


Sam Walton Trophy

On Saturday the Cycling Sheffield team were in sunny Northumberland for The Sam Walton Memorial.

All 6 members of the team entered the race – Charlie was under the weather so he did not ride and Billy had to retire due to a knee injury. A poor road surface had led to tyre punctures causing both Liam & Tim to fall victim. They re-joined the rest after a quick wheel change.

During this time, Joe had escaped and had been reeled back in while Jake escaped to what proved to be the winning move, keeping a gap of 5 meters to the finish line.

Inspite of having heavy legs Liam dragged himself out of bed on Sunday morning to ride a 17 mile hilly TT in the Peak District - Liam won by 4 minutes.