How to become an apprentice at Burrows

I applied at Burrows through word-of mouth referral, however there are many other ways to apply, most likely you will hear about Burrows through the collage/school you are enrolled in, where we speak about the benefits of working for Burrows, the training provided and much more. I am going to take you through my journey at Burrows, starting from the Search for A Star opening evening I attended on 17th march 2022. At this time, I was still enrolled at school, so initially the transition into a work environment felt overwhelming, however all the staff were very polite. Throughout the evening we developed a better understanding of Toyota in general, we were shown around the workshop and told about the various roles available at Burrows. We had the opportunity to speak to other Search for A Star apprentices and also other members of staff, as it provided insights into the various job roles.

How to become an apprentice at burrows

Training skills day

Following the open evening, I was asked to attend a training skills day, at the dealership most suitable for us. I was more anxious for this one as it was a more intimate gathering. The focus of the day was to prepare us for our upcoming interviews, so we spent the day preparing, given most of us has never had an interview before, I was quite anxious. We had the choice to do a trial interview. I choose to do one just to ensure I was well-prepared. After the interview, I was quite pleased, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. we ended the day and after the skills day we all received a certificate, representing our participation in the skills day.

After the skills day I received email saying to participate in a week’s work experience. Surprisingly I wasn't worried, I wanted to push myself to gain new skills, during my work experience, I got to experience After Sales and Marketing. I enjoyed learning about the basics of both roles, and enjoyed gaining insights into fundamental aspects of both roles, After the work experience week, I waited for an email that would determine whether or not I got the job.

A couple of week later I received an email informing me I had secured the job, I was thrilled when I received the email, but also anxious as the transition from school to work would be quite difficult.

My experience as an apprentice so far at Burrows

It's been almost a year since joining Burrows, I can definitely see the growth in myself, I can see the progress I’ve made in developing my Marketing skills. My personal skills have also evolved in this time. I have developed my confidence a lot, I have improved my teamwork which has helped me improve my communication skills, which have been crucial in my overall development. Many people around me have said they have noticed a change in my attitude. Choosing to do an apprentice with Burrows instead of going to college has Definitely been a wise choice for me, as I have matured from a young age.

Apprentices experience