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How to tackle a frosty morning

So, it is 7:30am. It's cold and dark outside. You have managed to get up out of bed, eat your breakfast and leave the door. Then it hits you... Frost! Yes, the colder seasons are upon us bringing with it your worst nightmares: ice, snow and frost. Don't panic, we are here to give you some practical tips as well as dispelling some myths surrounding your car.

Leave out the boiling water

Your windscreen may covered in frost and of course pouring water of a higher temperature onto it will clear it, but it also may crack your windscreen, as well as your bank account! When the two extreme temperatures meet there is a chance they may react explosively causing some serious damage to your precious glass.

Don't sit down

The temptation to jump in the front seat, blast on the heating and switch on your wipers is a big one. But does it ever really work? Probably not and in fact you could be damaging you car. The wipers and engine will be put under unnecessary wear.

The right tool

Whilst you maybe tempted to use a CD case to tackle the frost, we wouldn't recommend it. Car keys, CD's, credit cars - all of these can damage your windscreen as well as the object itself. Invest in an ice scraper and some good quality de-ice spray and get to work the right way.

frosty mornings
Burrows Hints and Tips

Old news

It is a myth to lay sheets from a newspaper on the windscreen to prevent ice from building up on your windscreen. You run the risk of permanently having yesterdays news stuck to your windscreen which can create a bigger problem than you were trying to prevent.

Cover up

You can prevent the frost and ice from building up on your windscreen by laying down a double sheet across the windscreen the night before and trap the ends in the doors. It may not look pretty but for those without a garage, this a fix that will save you time tomorrow morning.

Perfect vision

Yes it might be cold and the car might be warmer but don't just clear the right hand side. Remember you need to be able to see all around you so clear the entire windscreen. Then move around the entire car checking all of the windows, windscreens and both side mirrors as frost can still build up there.