Inspiring Automotive Women Awards 2019

Eight of our wonderful ladies received nominations for the Inspiring Automotive Women Awards. But what is this award about?

Julia Muir, CEO Gaia Innovation, Founder of the UK Automotive 30% Club said ‘Inspired by the women I worked with when I first joined the motor trade, I launched the awards to celebrate and recognise the unsung heroes of our industry. Often their valuable contribution is appreciated and acknowledged within their own teams or by customers, but they are rarely given the public recognition that they deserve for their efforts to create a positive working environment. I want to honour these brilliant women who are ‘lifting others as they rise’ and make them visible.

All of our fabulous award winners have demonstrated that they are making a significant contribution to their business. However they are also committed to inspiring other women to progress or encouraging leaders to create inclusive working environments within which women will thrive, and they are personally involved in activities to show that the automotive sector is a positive career choice for women.’

We know all our colleagues here at Burrows will join together to congratulate our very own Inspiring Woman 2019 Award winner, Debbie Palfreyman who is off to London today, along with the other eight nominees from Burrows to accept the award.

‘We know all our women work hard, every day, to make this business a success’ said Dean Cooper, Operations Director, ‘and Debbie has taken her commitment to her role, her team and indeed this whole business to a new level. She is, indeed, an inspiration to all’.

inspiring automotive women awards 2019