Our apprentices take a trip down to Burnaston!

Five of our apprentices made a trip to Burnaston on September 4th to gain insights into the car production process and the labor-intensive effort behind it.

Their visit commenced with a guided tour of the Toyota Academy, followed by a group discussion where they shared the knowledge they had acquired during their training. They also had the opportunity to address any questions on any aspects of the Toyota World that remained unclear.

After concluding the group discussion, they made there way to the weld section of the factory. In this section the parts are welded together and fed into autolines. The apprentices had a live demonstration of the car assembly process. offering them a deeper understanding of the car's features.

Following the completion of their tour though the weld section, they moved onto the assembly area of the factory. In the assembly the painted body shell, the engine and the bumpers from the plastic shop arrive (approximately 2500 parts are fitted onto the painted body).

Our Apprentices

The apprentices were fascinated by the production process. They quickly understood how the skills they were gaining would directly benefit their daily work life.

Furthermore, their journey into the Toyota world wasn't just about production techniques. They learned about the company's values, its commitment to quality, and its dedication to getting better everyday. Their journey not only improved their skills but also strengthened their connection to the toyota community.