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In September 2022, a group of fourteen young individuals embarked on their apprenticeship journey with Burrows. Now, after nearly a year, the time had come to listen to their experiences and reflections on their first year with Burrows Motor Company.

This day granted them a platform to share their thoughts on the training they have received to date, the personal growth they have undergone since joining Burrows, and the aspects they appreciate or find challenging about their roles. Additionally, they had the opportunity to express their gratitude for the support provided by their fellow colleagues at Burrows.

The apprentices were split into four groups to prepare a presentation, which they presented to, Steve Burrows, MD, Dean Cooper, Operations Director, Rebecca Burrows and Steve Davidson, Regional Directors, Mike Bolton, General Manager, Adele Pinder, HR Manager, and Nicola Thompson, Group Marketing and Customer Experience Manager.

The apprentices also engaged in a series of team building activities carefully crafted to push their boundaries in communication, negotiation, problem-solving, and teamwork. These exercises were not only designed to enhance their skills but also to create an enjoyable experience for all involved.

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