Summer Seasonal Driving Tips

Summer is here and while it may not bring the harsh weather and driving conditions, the summer season brings challenges of its own to drivers. Take a look at some of our top tips on how you can stay safe for a summer of motoring.

Hay Fever

If you suffer from hay fever it can prove dangerous for driving - if you sneeze whilst driving at higher speeds you can lose your vision and focus increasing the chance of an accident. If you are taking medication to ease your hay fever, make sure it's non-drowsy otherwise you could be putting yourself and others at risk.

Wet or Lost Car Keys

During the summer season some of us may visit the coast - but what do you do if you accidentally lose your keys in the sand or go for a swim with your key fob left in your pocket? Always keep your keys safe and dry and check your vehicle handbook - on most cars there is an alternative way to open the doors if your key fob has stopped working. If you lose your keys you may need to call for assistance.


I'm sure we have all been stuck behind a tractor or a slow-moving vehicle - you must be aware that they may have a sound-proofed cab or could be wearing ear protectors so they may not be able to hear approaching cars. Leave plenty of distance behind a tractor and remember that the tractor may be carrying a load on the front and before overtaking you must make sure that there is plenty of room for you to pass safely.

summer driving tips


Are all of your tyres at the correct pressure? If they are at the wrong pressure, the chances of having a puncture in the summer is increased due to the higher temperatures - so keep checking that the pressure in your tyres is within the recommended levels. You can find out here how to use a tyre repair kit if you need to use this.


During the summer we see a lot more of the sun (especially this year) and this can cause a lot of accidents by reducing your vision of what is on the roads ahead of you. A way to reduce the effect of dazzle is by keeping your windscreens clean and replacing your wiper blades once these start to smear. It is always handy to keep a pair of sunglasses near by to help with your vision.

So in conclusion, drive as normal but just use some common sense. It's a great time of year to explore all that the UK and Yorkshire has to offer but it is important that we all do our bit to stay safe out there. If you have any questions about the safety of your vehicle through the summer contact our Aftersales team.