Date posted: 24th October 2022

Burrows dealerships to close on Sundays to further enhance the work-life balance we offer our sales team.

Steve Burrows, MD today made a public announcement that Burrows Motor Company will be closed on Sundays from the 30th of October. The decision follows a period of consultation with team members across its five Toyota dealerships in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield & Worksop, Mazda dealerships in Sheffield & York, Kia dealership in Barnsley and Mint Motor used car operation in Sheffield, where the proposition was met with an overwhelming positive reaction.

“We proposed the idea of closing the business on a Sunday to further enhance the work-life balance we offer our sales teams. Traditionally in automotive retailing, sales teams work long hours including weekends, but over the past couple of years Burrows has thrown away the ‘rule book’ and implemented 5 day working patterns with all sales team member having alternative weekends off, with all dealerships closing at 6pm – industry leading initiatives. Now, by choosing to close Sunday’s, we know our valued sales teams will enjoy even more quality time with their families. I know many of you will agree that this shows my desire to continue to support the well-being of the dedicated and valued Burrows sales teams”

Sunday closing will start on the 30th of October to tie in with the school holiday, but don’t worry we will still be on hand to respond to on-line enquiries and phone calls, ensuring that we continue to provide an excellent service to our customers. We will continue to provide the best level of customer care our customers are used to from Burrows. In the case of Mint Cars, we will be operating test drives and enquiries by appointment only