Supporting local schools in lockdown

At Burrows Toyota

We are really glad to contribute 70 Amazon tablets to schools around Wickersley in a bid to support local children and assist with on-going home learning.

We are committed to supporting local communities and projects, which is why we've donated Amazon tablets to Bramley Grange Primary School, Listerdale Junior Academy, St Albans C of E Primary School, Flanderwell Primary School and Bramley Sunnyside Infants School, Northfield Lane Primary School and Bramley Sunnyside Junior School.

Since the government announced the second indefinite closure of all schools from 5 th January, schooling has become remote once again for many children across the nation. However almost two million children in the UK don’t have access to a home computer for remote learning, according to Ofcom. In a bid to help, we’ve pledged 60 devices for schools in need, helping to meet the demand and ensure all children can access school work from home.

When we heard there would be another spell of home-schooling, coupled with the discouraging stats around children’s access to technology at home, we were keen to help out in any way we could. We are really glad to contribute tablets to the schools, even if it means that just one child benefits.

Each school has received 10 Amazon tablets which will be distributed to children who don’t have access to or could benefit from the technology required for effective home-schooling. From Maths and Science to English and Music, the tablets are a helpful tool for interactive learning at all ages and incredibly convenient. They are not only extremely portable but their touchscreen technology makes them easy to use and even small children who have yet to master the art of coordination can use a tablet intuitively.

supporting local schools in lockdown

Bramley Grange Primary School.

Bramley Sunnyside Primary School

Bramley Sunnyside Infants School.

Bramley Sunnyside Junior School

Bramley Sunnyside Junior School.

Flanderwell Primary

Flanderwell Primary School.

Listerdale Junior Academy

Listerdale Junior Academy.

Northfield Lane Primary School

Northfield Lane Primary School.

St Albans C of E primary school

St Albans C of E Primary School.