Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Mirai: The Introduction

The first of its kind.

​Innovative, efficient, safe, reliable and responsive: the new Toyota Mirai is a pioneer model Toyota have, which is leading in the forefront of a new generation of vehicles.

Why Hydrogen?

The Mirai is driving forward the new technology of hydrogen as a fuel source. The Mirai is the first production fuel cell vehicle, but why hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and can be harnessed as and energy source through things such as water, plants and manure.

The use of Hydrogen as a fuel leaves nothing behind but water. Toyota has set six environmental challenges that it plans to have in effect by 2050. The aim is to achieve zero environmental impact in all vehicle-related activities; but more than that, Toyota wants these initiatives to have a positive and sustainable impact on society as a whole.

Environmental Challenge 2050
Mirai and Burrows

Mirai and Burrows

Currently in the UK there are 8 Hydrogen dealerships and only 10 Technicians who are trained in these dealerships to maintain these vehicles; Burrows Sheffield is one of those 8 dealerships across the whole of the UK which can maintain and service the Mirai.

Training was carried out in Belgium, the lengthy training process projects clearly the attitude we share here at Burrows to meet the needs of the customer and provide a fantastic level of customer service.

Currently Hydrogen is sold at £10 per kg, which means the Mirai would cost around £50 to fill up the tank which would allow the car to reach 300+miles.

This blog post was created by George, from the Search for a Star campaign (for young individuals who are looking for an apprentice opportunity with Burrows Toyota.)