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Women in the Motor Industry

UK Automotive 30% Club

Here at Burrows Motor Company, we are delighted to announce that we are members of the UK Automotive 30% Club that was founded back in 2016 by Julia Muir, Gaia Innovation CEO. The 30% Club consists of members from automotive manufacturers, retailers and suppliers who wish to create a better gender balance within their companies. The goal of the UK Automotive 30% Club is to achieve 30% of key leadership positions to be filled by women by 2030.

In an automotive article by AM Online, Julia Muir said: "I feel strongly that there isn't such a thing as the female market. Women are half the population, differentiated only by one pair of chromosomes. But it has become very east - and common - to say 'we don't employ many women' therefore we don't understand the female market. The industry doesn't attract women to see the reality. It isn't people covered in oil with spanners or in a sheepskin coat on a used car lot."

More about the UK Automotive 30% Club

Back in 2017, the Burrows Search for a Star apprenticeship scheme was launched with the help of Gaia Innovation. The aim of the programme is to inspire and reach out to young individuals at local schools across South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire who are looking for an apprenticeship opportunity within the motor trade. The interested students are then invited to a fun Dealership Open Evening which will allow them to find out more about apprenticeships at Burrows by speaking to our team and members of the Toyota Academy whilst learning more about Burrows. Students then would then undertake work experience week within the department they wish to work within the company. Apprenticeship offers were made to those who were still interested in working within the motor trade. In total, 62% of apprenticeships were offered to females.