Air Conditioning Service

Stay cool on the road

At Burrows Motor Company, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient air conditioning system in your vehicle. The air conditioning in your vehicle isn't just for cooling - it dehumidifies hot air in winter, helping to demist windows and keep your windscreen clear. If it's not working properly, moist air can fog up the windscreen, reducing visibility.

About 10% of the gas is lost each year, so it is recommend recharging the system every two years. Without regular servicing, this loss can continue, making the system less efficient and increasing fuel consumption.

Our services

Air Conditioning Full Service - £112
Our inspection includes checking all components of your air conditioning system, ensuring everything from the compressor to the condenser is functioning correctly. We'll diagnose any issues and recommend the best solutions to get your system back in shape.

Re-gas - £75
Every year, your air conditioning loses some of its gas, making it less efficient. Re-gassing your air conditioning system cleans and refills it, ensuring the air stays icy cold and your journeys are comfortable.

Bacterial Cleanse - £20
We will sanitise the ventilation system which will eradicate bacteria that has built up and will leave your air conditioning smelling fresh.