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Many of us have never given a second thought to the catalytic converter on our cars, but in recent years there has been a huge rise in the theft of this component. The catalytic converter is part of the cars emissions control system and it cleans up the exhaust gases before they are expelled through the exhaust pipe.

Why are they a target for thieves?

A catalytic converted can be expensive to replace which means as a car gets older and their value decreases the cost of replacing the unit might become prohibitive. Some catalytic converters are being stolen to keep older cars on the road, and some for their scrap value as they contain precious metals such as rhodium, platinum and palladium.

What are Toyota doing to help to prevent this?

Toyota take this threat seriously and Toyota commissioned development of a vehicle specific Catalyst protection device (CATLOC) and these are now available for Generation3 Prius and Generation2 Auris Hybrid. Bespoke devices with the aim of deterring opportunist thieves.

Catloc is attached with ant-tamper fixings and comes with a marking kit that chemically etches a unique serial number into the catalytic converter. It’s quality is reflected in the fact that is has been included in the International Security Register, approved by UK police and accredited by Thatcham Research, the official research centre for the motor insurance industry.

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How much does the Catloc* cost?

We are now able to protect your catalytic converter from the opportunist thief by fitting the Catloc for £250 including fitting and VAT (for both Generation3 Prius and Generation 2 Auris Hybrid). This is less than the average insurance excess that is payable should you be subject to this rising crime, not to mention the time your vehicle is off the road, adding to the inconvenience and stress.

Does a Catloc give my car 100% protection from thieves?

Sadly not. It can make theft more difficult but thieves are using high-powered cutting tools to remove catalytic converters and because of this it is not possible to make catalytic converters ‘unstealable’.

As mentioned above, we’re doing all we can to seek further technical options for customers.

*Please note: The Catloc is currently available to Generation3 Prius and Generation2 Auris Hybrid. Get in touch with a member of our team for further details.

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