Fuel Saving Tips

From Burrows Motor Company

We all like to save a few pounds and one of our most costly outgoings is fuel. With prices constantly increasing every year the cost of fuel becomes a much greater expense. However, here at Burrows we're here to help! Below are our best hints and tips for improving your fuel economy which will genuinely make a difference.

Use a Sat Nav

Although this involves a little investment, a Sat Nav will ensure that you never get lost and will help you to avoid traffic, which in turn reduces your fuel useage.

Check your tyre pressures

Over inflated tyres can reduce fuel consumption by 2% and under inflated tyres are not only bad for fuel economy but also have a negative effect on handling and braking. Check tyre pressures at least once a month and make sure the tyres are cold.

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Fuel Saving Tips
Fuel Saving Tips from Burrows

Remove unwanted items

We've all thrown clutter in the boot but if we remove all unnecessary weight, a cars performance and fuel economy will improve. Roof racks, roof boxes and bike racks should also be removed when they are not in use.

Close the windows

Closing your windows and sunroofs at speeds above 45mph can reduce the drag considerably which subsequently reduces fuel consumption.

Gear changes

The correct use of gears can save up to 15% on your fuel bills. Change up a gear as soon as it's safe to do so. Smoothness is also key - so try to avoid sudden braking and rapid acceleration.

Speed limit

This is pretty obvious as no one should break the law. But, did you know driving at 80mph on the motorway will use between 10% - 20% more fuel that doing 70mph?