Motability - I Am A Carer

Carers and appointees are individuals who are solely responsible for deciding how state benefits for a disabled person are used. They are also responsible for collecting these benefits. A carer or appointee can be anyone but they are usually a family member.

The carer or appointee is legally responsible for the lease agreement so it is their responsibility to use the car for the right purpose and the disabled person has full access to the vehicle at all times.

Read on for more information on carers and appointees.

motability i am a carer

​Carers and the Motability Scheme

Some people rely on a carer very heavily. Without them their mobility would be significantly impaired. A carer can help a disabled person choose a vehicle which best suits their needs. Whilst a carer can help an individual apply to join the Motability Scheme, they cannot place an application on the disabled person's behalf which is important to remember.

Nominees and Data Protection

A nominee has the right to discuss the disabled person's agreement. Motability Scheme customers can add a new contact to their agreement at any time​. This can be done by completing a nominee form which can be found on the website​.

What's the difference between an appointee and a nominee?

A nominee has no legal rights and the customer’s Motability Scheme agreement is still in their name only and no-one else. A nominee is also someone that has the authority to speak on a customer’s behalf which can be extremely beneficial.

Request guides for an organisation

Anyone can make a request for information guides on behalf of a disability organisation or a healthcare service, please visit the website.

Here you will find lots of helpful information on everything Motability related so it's definitely worth visiting this website.