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The all-new Mazda CX-80 is a sophisticated three-row SUV designed to accommodate up to seven passengers. Offering both spaciousness and versatility, every aspect is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of your lifestyle. In Japanese culture, empty space is revered as a canvas for family and adventure alike.

From bustling city streets to serene country roads, the all-new Mazda CX-80 is equipped with a range of drive modes and features that ensure an exceptional driving experience regardless of weather conditions. With a choice between two robust engines, striking the perfect balance between performance and efficiency, you'll enjoy highly responsive driving dynamics every time you embark on your journey.

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Two Highly Efficient Powertrain Options

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)

  • Flexibility of electric and petrol power working together in tandem
  • Enjoy the power and pleasure of driving in pure electric mode
  • ​Electrified performance without any range anxiety


  • The Mazda M Hybrid system ensures lower emissions
  • Benefit from high torque and a smooth power delivery
  • ​Excellent for cruising on the motorway

Cutting Edge Safety Features

Smart Brake Support Rear & Rear Crossing

Enhance your reversing experience with added safety and peace of mind through the Smart Brake Support rear system. Utilising rear and side radars, it detects vehicles during reversing, providing timely warnings, and, if required, automatically engaging the brakes to prevent collisions.

Emergency Lane-Keeping System

Stay confidently centered in your lane with the Emergency Lane-Keeping system, ensuring constant vigilance. Should your attention waver, this system keeps you securely within your lane. Plus, it incorporates an Oncoming Vehicle Collision Avoidance Assistant, providing comprehensive safety measures.

Blind Spot Monitoring & Vehicle Exit Warning

Enhance safety during lane changes and exits with a system that alerts you to vehicles approaching from behind and the adjacent lane. When detected, an icon appears in the corresponding door mirror. Upon signaling a lane change, the icon flashes, accompanied by a warning beep, ensuring heightened awareness.

Driver Monitoring System

Addressing driver fatigue and drowsiness, this system employs an infrared camera and LED to monitor the driver's state while on the road. Upon detecting signs of fatigue or sleepiness deemed hazardous, it triggers a warning sound to promptly alert the driver.

Flexible Seating Options

The Mazda CX-80 presents versatile seating options tailored to your needs. Opt for a 7-seater configuration with a second-row bench seat or a 6-seater layout featuring second-row dual captain’s chairs. For Homura and Homura Plus grades, enjoy walk-through access, while Takumi Plus grade offers a centre console option.

In the 7-seat setup, the middle row accommodates up to 3 passengers, while the third row provides two comfortable seats with exceptional visibility. Transitioning to the third row is effortless thanks to the one-touch walk-in feature (available on selected grades), which conveniently folds down the middle row at the push of a button.

For Takumi Plus grades, explore the optional 6-seater setup, boasting a centre console nestled between two captain’s chairs. These seats offer heating and ventilation for optimal comfort regardless of the weather conditions.

Homura and Homura Plus grades also offer an optional 6-seater configuration with a central walkthrough to the rear seats via the second row, making it ideal for families with children needing frequent access to the third row.

Our Flagship SUV

The Mazda CX-80 is the flagship model in Mazda’s SUV line-up, positioned above the highly successful CX-60. As the most spacious SUV Mazda has ever offered in the UK, it features three-row seating, a high-quality cabin, advanced drivetrains and an elegant design.

The CX-80 shares its engine options with the CX-60. These include a plug-in hybrid that combines a Skyactiv-G 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with a 129 kW electric motor and a 17.8 kWh high-capacity battery and Mazda’s advanced in-line six-cylinder 254 ps 3.3-litre e-Skyactiv D diesel engine. Both powertrains come exclusively with all-wheel drive.

In terms of dimensions, the Mazda CX-80 has a 250 mm longer wheelbase than the CX-60, providing ample space for a practical three-row interior. It is also 26 mm taller than the CX-60, ensuring passenger comfort, while maintaining the same width as the CX-60, preserving its familiar styling and profile.

The CX-80 offers three middle-row seating configurations: a standard three-person bench seat, or two captain’s seats with either a walk-through space or a fixed centre console. The seven-seat layout with the middle-row bench is expected to be the most popular in the UK, with the two six-seat layouts available as optional configurations.

Thanks to the extended wheelbase, the CX-80 offers increased shoulder room, headroom, hip point spacing and front-to-second-row couple distance compared to the CX-60. One of the CX-80’s features include the introduction of Alexa in-car voice control for music, air conditioning, navigation, and third-party apps.

The CX-80 also debuts two new paint colours: Artisan Red and Melting Copper. Artisan Red, created with Mazda’s Takuminuri painting technology offers a darker and deeper shade than the popular Soul Red Crystal, evoking a refined aesthetic. Melting Copper suggests a light sandblasting effect on melted and hardened copper. In total the CX-80 will be available in nine body colours: Jet Black, Deep Crystal Blue, Platinum Quartz, Arctic White, Rhodium White, Machine Grey, Soul Red Crystal, Artisan Red, and Melting Copper.

Models shown may not be to UK specification. Colours and some exterior and/or interior elements may differ on screen from the actual model.

Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. All figures quoted are derived from the latest WLTP test cycle.

The MPG figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results obtained through laboratory testing. These are provided for comparability purposes only and may not reflect your actual driving results.

Exterior Check out some of the CX-80's exterior features below.
Visibility Headlights The striking front grille stands out with Mazda's iconic 5-point signature wing design, accentuating the sleek LED headlamps that boast Mazda's distinctive lighting signature.
Style Alloy wheels The Mazda CX-80 offers a variety of eye-catching alloy wheels, enabling you to make a stylish statement regardless of the grade you choose.
Elegance Sculptured Body The refined profile of the CX-80 is accentuated by its flowing, sculpted lines and prominent chrome window mouldings, emphasising the car's dynamic sense of movement.
Interior Check out some of the CX-80's interior features below.
Sound BOSE System The BOSE premium sound system achieves its best performance through a configuration of 12 high-performance speakers and a finely tuned subwoofer, ensuring an exceptional audio experience.
Comfort 3-Zone Climate Control Every passenger remains comfortable and relaxed with three-zone climate-controlled air-conditioning, which automatically adjusts to the preferred temperature for the second and third rows.
Connectivity Apple CarPlay The 12.3” touchscreen supports wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, enabling seamless integration of your phone's apps onto the large display. You can also adjust settings using voice recognition.