New Mazda2 Hybrid For Sale

From £24,135

The Mazda2 Hybrid is the perfect companion for the eco-conscious driver without the need to change your driving habits.

Thanks to its modern hybrid technology, the Mazda2 Hybrid automatically switches between petrol and electric driving to optimise performance, improve fuel economy and lower emissions. It’s the latest in hybrid technology with no plug required.

There are 4 Mazda2 Hybrid models to choose from: Centre-Line, Exclusive-Line, Homura and Homura Plus. More information on these models can be found below.

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Available at Burrows Mazda in Sheffield on Penistone Road and in York on Layerthorpe.

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Explore the Mazda2 Hybrid grades

Mazda2 Centre-Line

From £24,135

Standard features:

  • Keyless entry
  • 15" alloy wheels
  • Rain sensing wipers

Mazda2 Exclusive-Line

From £25,390

Standard features:

  • 16" alloy wheels
  • Auto folding door mirrors
  • Front & rear parking sensors

Mazda2 Hybrid Homura

From £27,290

Standard features:

  • 17” black alloy wheels
  • Wireless phone charger
  • Dual-zone climate controlled air-conditioning

Mazda2 Hybrid Homura Plus

From £29,240

Standard features:

  • 10.5" centre display
  • Satellite navigation
  • Panoramic sunroof
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Mazda Your Way

At Mazda we always put the driver first. That’s why we have developed a range of premium services that let you experience Mazda ‘Your Way.’

These new driver friendly options are designed to make the experience of buying and owning a Mazda as pleasurable as driving one.

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With a combination of intelligent passive safety features, the Mazda2 Hybrid features SRS centre airbags, pre-collision braking and emergency steering assist, as well as further advanced features to keep you safe. All so you and your passengers can relax in confidence and enjoy the drive.


A choice of three distinct driving modes are available at your fingertips, dependent on which driving style you want. Normal mode provides an optimal balance of fuel economy, quietness, and dynamic performance. Power mode controls the hybrid system to provide quick, powerful acceleration, and Eco mode helps the driver accelerate in an eco-friendly manner, lower emissions and improve fuel economy.

The Mazda2 Hybrid seamlessly blends the power of a petrol engine with the efficiency of a battery-powered electric motor, offering a driving experience that is both exhilarating and sustainable. Its intelligent hybrid technology effortlessly transitions between electric and petrol modes, delivering exceptional fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Safety is paramount in the Mazda2 Hybrid, with innovative driver-support and assist technologies working in tandem with its ultra-rigid bodyshell, Lane Tracing Assist and Pre-Crash Safety system to provide complete driving confidence.

With its contemporary design language, the Mazda2 Hybrid exudes confidence on the road, featuring the iconic Mazda signature grille and dynamic contours that accentuate its agile spirit. Switching to EV mode offers a smooth, quiet and efficient driving experience, powered by a state-of-the-art 59kW electric motor for zippy acceleration, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, particularly ideal for city driving.

Utilising the latest in Hybrid Technology, the Mazda2 Hybrid combines a petrol engine and electric motor, with kinetic energy recovery ensuring continuous battery recharging during driving, deceleration and braking. This technology enables superior efficiency and even allows for purely electric driving over short distances, emitting no fuel and CO2.

Available in a spectrum of exciting colours, the Mazda2 Hybrid's flowing lines and design are accentuated, ensuring a precise and high-quality finish consistent with Mazda's standards. Inside, the Mazda2 Hybrid offers ample space for up to five adults, with intelligent design elements ensuring comfort, safety and ergonomics for all occupants.

From its striking exterior to its thoughtful interior design, the Mazda2 Hybrid embodies Mazda's commitment to delivering an exceptional driving experience that is both environmentally friendly and enjoyable for drivers and passengers alike.

Discover the Mazda2 Hybrid at Burrows Mazda. For more details on this exciting new model simply get in touch with our teams in person, by phone, or via our online contact forms.

Burrows Mazda Sheffield - 0114 3081893

Burrows Mazda York - 01904 235991

Exterior Take a look at the exterior features below.
Visibility LED Headlights Available on Mazda2 Hybrid Homura and Homura Plus models, striking LED headlights will not only stun you with their fresh and modern design but also give you a great view of the road ahead.
Convenience Dual-Zone Climate Control The dual-zone climate control air-conditioning system automatically regulates fan speed, airflow, and temperature, whilst also letting the driver and passenger select their personally preferred individual settings (available on Homura & Homura Plus models).
Style Alloy Wheels Opt for the Mazda2 Hybrid Exclusive-Line model and you’ll benefit from 16-inch alloy wheels. Go for the Homura or Homura Plus models and you’ll be treated to stylish 17-inch alloy wheels which really do look the part.
Interior Take a look at the interior features below.
Technology Stay Connected The Mazda2 Hybrid includes Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ so you can effortlessly stream your own music, use your preferred navigation app, and access your other favourite apps on your smart phone.
Gearbox E-CVT Transmission The continuously variable transmission (e-CVT) in the Mazda2 Hybrid offers an infinite number of gear ratios for seamless, shifting, lower fuel consumption, and always the perfect transmission of power to the wheels.
Charging Wireless Charging Just lay your compatible smartphone on the wireless charging tray in the centre console and it will start recharging with no need to plug it in (available on Homura & Homura Plus models).