Mazda Dash Cams

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We know how important it is when it comes to your safety on the road. For £249 (including VAT and fitting at your local Burrows Mazda in Sheffield and York) you can purchase a dash cam from us so that you have extra peace of mind when you are out on the road.

So, why should I buy a dash cam?

A dash cam will provide you with true high-quality video footage if you were to have an accident on the road which could help to prove what happened or to protect you against false claims. Having a dash cam installed in your vehicle may also help to improve the way you drive. Some insurers offer discounts off your car insurance premium if you have a dash cam fitted.

Whilst a dash cam won't prevent you from having an accident, it will help you in gathering evidence which helps to give you peace of mind when you are out in your vehicle.

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Mazda Dash Cams


​Cost including VAT and fitting
Front Facing Dash Cam​£249

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For more information about our dash cam you can pop into your local Burrows Mazda dealership in Sheffield or York. You can call one of the numbers below to speak with a member of our aftersales team.

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