One dynamic philosophy - three electric interpretations.

Introducing the new Hyundai IONIQ - the first car in the world to offer separate hybrid, plug-in hybrid and an all-electric car powertrains within one body type. So deciding on the right IONIQ for you depends on how far you drive, your driving style and how often you drive. All three of the IONIQ models come with a variety of features including a five-inch touchscreen media centre, rear camera and guidance system and cruise control to make each journey that little bit more comfortable. An enjoyable driving experience is awarded to you whichever powertrain you choose which will fit perfectly in with your lifestyle. We have put together a brief description about each of the three powertrains.

IONIQ Hybrid

Driving fun with lower emissions

Performance, impressive efficiency and low emissions are three features the Hyundai IONIQ delivers. This is done by the combination of advanced electric motor which delivers acceleration immediately on start-up with the latest 1.6 GDi petrol engine - which quietly engages once the IONIQ reaches the prime speed. The electric motor charges while the car is on the move, a smooth automatic gear change is delivered by the Dual Clutch Transmission. The Hybrid is the perfect replacement for any family hatchback which is on the road today.​

IONIQ Plug-In​

The best of both worlds

Up to 31 miles of emission-free driving can be given to you when you are driving the IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid in electric only mode - which is ideal for your daily commute. The 45kW electric motor is powered by a battery which retrieves energy whilst the car is on the move and recharges via a charging cable. When working in tandem with the 1.6 GDi petrol engine you can enjoy a considerable performance boost with no restriction on how far you can drive.

IONIQ Electric 

No emissions. No compromise.

The IONIQ Electric is a leader of the electric car revolution. It allows you to drive for up to 174 miles on a single charge - all emission-free. This is all achieved through a 88kW electric motor which is designed to enhance the driving experience with its torque-rich performance. The motor is powered by an efficient 28kWh Lithium-Ion Polymer batter which is located low in the chassis. This helps to lower the car's centre of gravity, providing optimum handling and responsiveness on the road.

Beautiful - Inside and Out

IONIQ is defined by its innovation and high-tech design. Inside, controls are clearly organised for logical, intuitive operation. While clever technology helps get the best out of every journey. The sophisticated and contemporary exterior design turns heads for all the right reasons.Apart from delivery an outstanding performance on the road, the Hyundai IONIQ offers a stylish design. The clean, attractive coupé-style silhouette of the IONIQ is designed with aesthetics and efficiency in mind.

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